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GTOD Mentorship (New)

GTOD Mentorship is about meeting the needs of students in our community. Youth are the future of our community and world, and we want to actively equip them to ensure they are effectively prepared to lead. Our mentorship program is a safe space and productive outlet for youth.

❖ Monthly trips
❖ Weekly bible study
❖ Sunday church service
❖ Book club
❖ Workout program
❖ Chess club


Year-Round Program


GTOD Kidz Adventure Camp

GTOD Summer Camp’s purpose is to progress children through education, life skills, and teaching biblical principles.

Our mission is to assist children to achieve their highest potential, through education, whether that be college after high school or taking on a trade program for early career start.

❖ 1-week Summer Camp
❖ Games, Creative Arts, Crafts, Nature Activities & More
❖ Safe Learning Enviroment, Food Provided provided, Enrichment Lessons
❖ Free to Join and Register


June 10-14: 8am-12pm

Disciples of GTOD (Recommended)


Disciples of GTOD is an exclusive, accelerated program that transforms youth leaders into game-changers. At GTOD, we believe game-changers are leaders that can be placed in any environment, and radically transform it along with the people and communities within.

❖ Accelerated Program
❖ Enrollment in every GTOD program year-round
❖ Family expeditions

Year-round Program




At Transforming for Discovery Learning Academy, our mission is to teach independent learning skills. We instill confidence within students and allow them to conquer their challenges. Our goal is to give students the attention and practice needed for the subjects and skills they struggle with the most.

❖ One to one & group tutoring
❖ Develops academic excellence
❖ ACT Prep


Monday-Friday 3pm – 6pm
ACT Saturdays 12pm – 3pm


After school tutoring Wednesdays, one hour of tutoring (helping them with their homework), free of charge.

We provide transportation for students as well.

❖ Free after school tutoring
❖ Homework help, free meals for students, and bible study



Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm


All programs are selective and interviewed based.

Families enrolled are expected to make recommended commitments with program for guaranteed results.