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GTOD: Summer Camp

Summer Break: 8am-3pm | Monday - Friday
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GTOD Summer Camp

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GTOD Summer Camp’s purpose is to progress children through education, life skills, and teaching biblical principles.

1. Capacity Builders

We believe in cultivating skills that will optimize workforce efficiency. In doing that, we acknowledge the strengths within those we serve and work towards developing leads that will propel them towards promising opportunities.


We offer job readiness training, life skills training, and technology training all aimed towards workforce entry. In addition, we offer a more curated program for young budding professionals of Middle School age to early adulthood age who are entering the workforce. This program is called Pathfinders. It’s focused on unveiling untapped potential, cultivating skills, and the application of these skills when choosing careers.

2. Education & Discovery

We believe in the importance of a quality education for children that prepares them for a career in a thriving competitive global economy. These beliefs fuel our idea that when coupled with discovery, education becomes an integral aspect in exploring the facets of individual interests and abilities.


“Just Like” Homeschool Program offers a non-traditional peer-to-peer educational program in an environment facilitated by skilled teachers. Additionally, we host a summer camp and after-school program that targets strengthening the students’ educational capacity and creativity through the arts.

3. Cultivators

We are advocates of wholeness, both physically and emotionally. By providing literacy in the areas of health and wellness we prepare individuals to meet psycho-social and health challenges head on.


We offer a variety of health and wellness initiatives such as courses teaching clean eating, food preparation, and cooking.
We also host recreational events that support healthy physical activity amongst at risk populations and those with health disparities.
We aim to be a safe haven for those in emergent need by providing transitional housing for diverse populations.

4. Environmental Awareness

We believe in supporting environmental consciousness and are advocates for citizens who embrace their part in preserving the natural world around them. It is our belief that habitat preservation is a key to ensuring a safe planet for generations to come.


The Farm-to-Community program is a fun way to get students excited learning about where food comes from while perpetuating healthy-eating habits. The Farm-to-Community program includes:

  • Incorporating local farm products into meals.
  • Offering local produce during snack time.
  • Growing community gardens.
  • Taste-testing local produce.
  • Taking field trips to local farms and community gardens.
  • Inviting farmers or chefs into the classroom.
5. Civic Engagement

We believe in being involved within the communities in which we thrived. Therefore we advocate voter education, community participation, and political involvement.

We facilitate informative sessions with community leaders locally and regionally to discuss current affairs and what we can do to the betterment of society.


“The energy of this team is amazing!!”

“They love what they are doing!”

“They will be around for generations to come as they impact one life after the next!” 

“Seeing F students go to C’s and B’s is awesome work!”


How We Do It.

About Us

Giving Transformation for Opportunity Discovery is a community development
corporation (GTOD CDC) with a 501(C)3 designation, which is domiciled in the city of
Hammond, Louisiana. GTOD was established in March of 1992, with the mission of helping transform individuals to discover life purpose.


How We Serve.

Our mission is to assist children to achieve their highest potential, through education, whether that be college after high school or taking on a trade program for early career start.


Our Approach

Since 1992, GTOD has served over 2,700 youth that originated from the Louisiana
Southeast Region Tangipahoa, Livingston, and St. Helena parishes. GTOD’s inspirational approach and commitment to life enhancing practices and continuous education has enabled the organization to improve the health of children encountered.